Rolson Inch WanderbarInch Bicycle Led Light



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Product Description

MPN: 5045383036067

* 3 Light Modes: Fast flashing/ Slow flashing/ All flash
* Ideal for cycling camping walking horse riding etc
* Includes pair of silicon straps to enable user to mount wanderbar on handle bars fork seat post and at the back of helmet etc
* Lightweight only 65 grams including batteries
* Overall length: 235mm
* Supplied with 9 x AG13 batteries
* The Rolson Inch WanderbarInch Bicycle Led Light is manufactured from ultra flexible fibre optic providing flexibility to the wanderbar. It enables the light to be positioned in many shapes such as curve u-shape and straight. With 360° illumination for extra safety and featuring a super bright LED that measures 400-500 millicandela you will now be seen from any angle . The LED light technology improves upon the incandescent bulb which can get notoriously hot and the LED operates at a much cooler temperature proving to be multi-beneficial. The 3 light modes from fast flashing slow flashing and all flash are great at making drivers aware of your presence. With operational switches at either end the light is ideal for cycling camping walking house riding etc and it can be seen over 100 meters.