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George Foreman Entertainment Size Grill & Griddle



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* 2100 watts
* 4 Portion grill
* 6 Portion griddle
* Dual independent temperature controls – for each section
* Floating hinge – for cooking extra thick food
* Grill channels fat into separate drip tray
* Power and temperature indicator light
* Easy to clean non-stick coated grill plates
* Squared grill surface: 439cm
* Squared griddle surface: 613cm
* Introducing the George Foreman Entertainment Size Grill & Griddle that lets you create many delicious recipes from burgers sausages and even toasted sandwiches! This Grill & Griddle can remove up to 42% of fat from your food thanks to its angled grill channels. The fat and grease drips away from foods and with contact grilling from both sides that applies gentle pressure onto food helps encourage additional fat to be removed. With a separate grill and griddle feature the 18603 allows you to create a full breakfast in no time. You can now have your sausages and bacon on the grill while your fried eggs tomatoes mushrooms and hash browns are cooking on the griddle. The dual independent temperature controls let you alter the temperature of the surface dependent on the food type allowing total temperature control. The 18603 Entertainment Grill & Griddle is able to cook up to 10 portions with ease making it great for whole family.