5045382984222 – Electruepart Universal Solid Hotplate Element 2000W

Electruepart Universal Solid Hotplate Element 2000W



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Product Description

MPN: 5045382984222

* 2000 watts
* 230 volts
* Rim: 4mm
* Diameter: 180 (mm)
* The Universal Solid Hotplate Element is a radiant ring encased in a light alloy casing. Heat is transferred through the metal to your pan to cook which means the hotplate holds the heat a long time after it is turned off.

One of the main problems that you may experience with the hotplate element is that after a while it will start to look worn as the chrome surround gets discoloured after use. If one of your existing hotplates is not heating up then you need this quality replacement to help get your hob back to full heating capacity.