5045176209500 – Electruepart Round Vent Kit

Electruepart Round Vent Kit



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Product Description

MPN: 5045176209500

* 1 x Hose End 100mm to 80mm
* 1 x Flange
* 1 x Screw Packet containing 3 Nylon Studs 8 screws 8 raw plugs all in a resalable bag
* 1 x Round Gasket
* 1 x 100mm x 1 mtr PVC flexible hose
* 1 x Threaded Hose Connector
* 1 x Round Wall Plate
* 1 x Telescopic Tube 175mm-350mm
* 1 x Gravity Wall Outlet.
* This vent kit is easy to fit and works with most tumble dryers except gas dryers. If your house is built of stone or is cement rendered a core drill is required for installation.

If your tumble dryer is in a kitchen or utility room and it is not vented to the outside it will cause condensation build up in the house which will damage carpets wallpaper and can cause potentially damaging black mould.