5045172171313 – Electruepart Dryer Element 2400W

Electruepart Dryer Element 2400W

HEATER ELEMENT 2400W (1200 & 1200W)


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Product Description

MPN: 5045172171313

* Also Known As: Heater Element
* 2400 (1200 + 1200) watts
* If your tumble dryer is no longer heating up resulting in your laundry coming out wet then you may have a fault with the dryer element.

The dryer element can be located in the front of the drum or at the rear of your appliance they are all controlled by thermostats that switch the power on or off when pre-selected temperatures are selected. Air is then passed over the heater by means of a fan and circulates with the washing inside the drum.

With this quality replacement you can help get your tumble dryer back to heating as it should and finally get that washing dry!

Suitable for select Candy and Hoover models.

Please check model fit list to ensure this part is correct for your model.