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Product Description

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* Also Known As: Charcoal Filter Anti Odour Filter Active Filter
* Dimensions : 215 mm
* What does the cooker hood carbon filter do?
When cooking food as we all know moisture and odours escape into the atmosphere. The carbon filter is important for removing odours whilst the hood is recirculating air around the kitchen. It does this by absorbing moisture grease and smoke while you cook. Most cooker hoods have a carbon filter and a grease filter. The carbon filter is particularly important if your hood does not have outside venting.

When you need to replace it
The carbon filter is a Spares & Accessories part. You ideally need to replace the charcoal filter in your cooker hood every 3 to 12 months depending on how much you like to cook. Some carbon filters have a colour change system to indicate when they need to be changed. When the filter becomes clogged it is important to change it as soon as possible because your hood won't function to the best of its ability as the motor will have to 'labour'. The following are signs that the filter may need replacing:

o Odours are not being trapped as effectively as before.
o Smoke is not being extracted efficiently.
o The filter is filled with dirt and has become saturated

How to replace the cooker hood carbon filter
1. Remove the grease filters and the cooker hood grid from under the hood. On most hoods they will lift off with ease.
2. Unclip the carbon filters and discard of them. Cut new filters to size if needed.
3. Re-fit the new filters and put the cooker hood back in place

Instructions may vary depending on the brand and model of your cooker hood. These steps are meant as a general guide.

Any associated problems?
Bear in mind that the more frying you do and 'fatty' foods you cook the more often you will have to change the carbon filter. An inefficient grease filter will contribute towards grease contamination.

While you're replacing the cooker hood carbon filter why not…
Clean around the carbon filter in the cooker hood especially the metal grease filter. If you have a stainless steel hood then you may find it useful to use a specialised cleaning product.

Expert Tips
o Be prepared with a spare set of charcoal filters before you need them as this will save your cooker hood from being out of use.
o Universal cooker hood carbon filters can be cut to size.
o When changing filters on a cooker hood wear gloves as this can be a messy job