5045382437162 – Rolson 720 Piece Washer Kit

Rolson 720 Piece Washer Kit



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* Kit contains 720 of the most commonly used washers
* The Rolson 720 Piece Washer Assortment helps prevent downtime when on those d.i.y tasks and repairs. Having the correct washers can help save time by preventing you running out to the local hardware store to get some Spares & Accessories. This assortment is perfect to keep in the tookit for maintenance repairs and manufacturing. Kit Contains: 50pc no6 c type 50pc no6 star type 50pc no6 circle star type 50pc no8 c type 50pc no8 star type 50pc no8 circle star type 50pc no10 c type 50pc no10 star type 50pc no10 circle star type 40pc 6.4mm c type 40pc 6.4mm star type 40pc 6.4mm circle star type 30pc 8.0mm c type 30pc 8.0mm star type 30pc 8.0mm circle star type 20pc 9.5mm c type 20pc 9.5mm star type 20pc 9.5mm circle star type