Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum



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Product Description

MPN: 5045383149705

* Keep your windows sparkling clean
* Perfect on tiles mirrors work surfaces or shower screens
* Drip streak free results
* Vacuum Nozzle Working Width: 280 cm
* Dirty Water Container Capacity: 100 ml
* Removable Lithium-Ion battery
* Battery Charging Time: 185 min
* Battery Running Time: 35 min
* Cleaning Performance Per Battery: Approx 105 m / 35 windows
* 10% Quieter than previous models
* Includes 20ml glass cleaner concentrate and window vac spray bottle
* 100-240 volts
* 50-60 Hz
* Dimensions : L:125 x W:280 x H:325 (mm)
* Weight: 0.7 (Kg)
* Achieve streak-free results and save time cleaning with the Karcher WV5 Premium Window Vacuum. Window cleaning is generally a job that most people hate because you have to battle with dirt dripping water wads of newspaper and annoying streaks. That's why Karcher have invented the WV5 Premium Window Vacuum which makes light work of cleaning windows and other smooth surfaces; saving you a great deal of time and effort. The cleaning process when using the window vacuum is extremely simple; thanks to the supplied spray bottle and microfibre wiping cloth dirt is first quickly and effectively dislodged. Next the dirty water is sucked up with the WV5 Window Vacuum giving you streak-free and drip-free – clean windows every time. Powered with Lithium-Ion technology once fully charged you will get 35 minutes of running time and as the battery is removable an optional second battery can be added to allow windows to be cleaned without interruption. In addition the handy and ergonomic design of the cleaner makes window cleaning pleasant and hygienic as there is no direct contact with the dirty water. Window cleaning made easy with the WV5 Premium Window Vacuum.