Acctim Freja Alarm Clock



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Product Description

MPN: 5045383141631

* Crescendo alarm
* Push lens – for snooze and light
* Side setting alarm wheel
* Luminous tipped hands
* Energy efficient movements – increasing battery life
* Dimensions : 87 x 87 x 58 (mm)
* Ensure you get up on time every day. With an easy wheel located on the side it is very easy to set the time and your preferred time to wake up. The alarm emits a distinctive crescendo to slowly wake you from your sleep. The alarm can be turned off or switched to snooze by a simple push of the lens. Along with a light you will be able to check the time when it’s too dark the hands also have luminous strips ensuring that the time can be read no matter what the time. The clock requires 1 AA battery which is not included.